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Gerald “Jerry” D. Hill March 23, 1951 - September 22, 2019

Gerald Dewayne Hill escaped this mortal realm on September 22, 2019 at the age of 68;  at the Integris Hospice House located in Oklahoma City.  We think he did it on purpose to avoid having to make a decision in the pending presidential election.  Jerry died peacefully after complications from a radioactive spider bite that led to a 7 month crime-fighting battle with a nefarious criminal named CANCER, who has plagued our society for far too long.


With the help of my wife, I know that my life will soon be ending, I have asked my wife,  Barbara, to help me in attempting to commemorate my life as she can wordsmith my thoughts as I tell her my story. 


So thank you for being here, I love each and everyone one of you and have been blessed with wonderful family, friends and Gods love. 


So here we begin as I end. 

Hi, Jerry here, just thought I’d share some of my significant milestones and relationships with you before passing from this world.  Oh wait, “It pains me to admit it, but apparently, I have passed away; everyone told me it would happen one day but that’s simply not something I wanted to hear, much less experience.  Once again, I didn’t get things my way! 


I am survived by my mother; Mary Hill of Edmond; I must tell you,  I was her favorite child (of course I was her only child) but never less she offered constant love, support and care, far exceeding any thing I ever deserved. 

I am survived by my wife, the overly devoted Barbara Hill of OKC, without her, these last few months of my life would have been unbearable.  Although there were times it was unbearable for us both.  

My aunts;  Leeta Johnson of OKC, Betty Morgan, of Wewoka, and Terry Arnold of Houston TX., Uncle Jack Hill of Tulsa, OK, sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws, Kathy Rollins  of Drumright OK, and Stella and Romeo Saenz of Muskogee, OK; Randal Rollins of OKC.  A host of cousins and friends.  

I leave my cuddly cats: Scheank, and Cecil (named after my grandfathers), Simba and Hank, and Little Girl.  And two spoiled rotten to the core Yorkies, –  Maddy and Emily.

I leave behind the potted meat industry, for which I was an unofficial spokesman until dietary restrictions forced me to eat real food and a partaker of herbs commonly known as skunk weed. This completes the list of those left to embellish my memory.


Preceeding me in death were my Grandparents, Scheank and Stella Dodd, Cecil and Cassie Hill, My father Billy D. Hill, Uncle Raymond and Mamie Hill,  Aunt Belva Hill,  Glen and Lois Vogle and Betty Rogers. My beloved Doberman Pincher,  Debby, and my fearless yorkie pal Hercules.


So lets start from the beginning….I was born a healthy bouncing baby boy to my exceptionally beautiful Mom, Mary Ruth “Dodd” Hill on March 23rd, 1951 in the Wewoka Hospital.  Now on the day I was born, the nurses all gatherd ‘round, they gazed in wide wonder, at the joy they had found, the head nurse spoke up, said leave this one alone, she could tell right away that I was bad to the bone.  Of course those words really didn’t happen, but at least in my mind this was what was said.  And I have loved this song for a very long time.


My family and friends will remember me best by my years of contributing to saving unwanted and neglected animals; from cats to dogs, to horses and donkeys (which the donkeys hold a special place in my heart for protecting; “who else is going to look after them? – only us donkey lovers”). 


I would like to think that family and friends knew me as a kind and compassionate man, a good son, a loving husband, a faithful friend, a guy who loved to bowl, a prankster at heart, and someone who always believed he was right; and willing to bet you on it, I said exactly what was on my mind (even if it was wildly thought inaccurate)  I gave long, entertaining stories, if even only for my own enjoyment.


I spent most of my young life, being spoiled by the ones around me and I was the little man of the family.


Memories…..where do I begin?

So many things in my life seemed of little significance at the time they happened but then took on a greater importance as I got older.  The memories I’m taking with me now are so precious and have more value than all the gold and silver in my jewelry box.

I remember my grandma always having something wonderful cooked and she would sneak me cookies and tell me not to tell; and she loved to make ceramics. 


I remember my mom always dressing me up and teaching me manners and making sure I was presentable to our guest.


I remember my aunts, doting over me and making me always feel special.


I remember my uncle teaching me to fish, hunt and fix boats


I remember playing with my cousins and I always enjoyed them and had fun.


I remember my dads love of country music, always laughing and having a good joke or story to tell


I remember I put the cat in the refrigerator and my mother was horrified to find it there; but no harm done, the cat was ok; my mom not finding the humor of my antic.


I remember my Uncle Jerry Paul always being dressed to the hilt and how much he loved his wife Clare and I appreciate all he gave


I remember the first time I kissed a girl when I was 13 in the dark stairwell at school, thank you Gretchen


Growing Up – I was fortunate to have seen many parts of the country.  My mother always liked telling the story of when I was in the second grade; the teachers decided to excel me to the 3rd grade.  As I was leaving class, one of my classmates spoke up and said, “Where you going Jerry, highschool”



Being that my father was in the Military we moved around.  From OKC, to Arkansas on to Ismir Turkey; back to Oklahoma,  I really got to see how other parts of the country lived.  While my father Bill was stationed in Ismir in the Army where he worked for NATO headquarters, I got to play little league baseball, first baseman, for the Aegean League of Izmir where we won first place 1962-63 and went on to represent the military winning the European Championship in Wiesbadden Germany then getting to return to the States to play in the Little League World Series in 1963 in Williamsport PA.  Unfortunately we didn’t win there but it was a great privilege to have that opportunity.  During our stay in Williamsport, I called my grandma Hill and she said “What are you doing in the states Jerry, did you run away from home?”

Drifting through the school system from 1955 to 1969, graduating to mom’s great delight from Tulsa Nathan Hale High school.


I remember how I love the smell of coffee in the mornings; and sitting on the porch hearing the birds singing, the frogs croaking at night, and I remember my faithful and loving Doberman Pincher, Debby laying at my feet.

I remember the thrill of riding my motorcycle on a curvy path and letting the wind blow by; which made me feel as free as a bird.

Military – I remember I was volunteered into the United States Marine Corp at the ripe old age of 18, in 1969,  and I immediately realized that I didn’t like being bossed around.  So I politely ask them if I could leave.  Which they regrettably obliged.  Of course in later years I wish I would have stuck it out.  I love my country very much and I am a patriate.  I did not agree with the Viet Nam Conflict.


Prior to my first marriage in 1978, which unfortunately did not last nor the investment in being a pig farmer in the family business.  I have lent my hand in a plethora of fields, from working in my father’s garage, a porter at the Tulsa fairgrounds, Pizza driver, dishwasher, waiter, oil field worker, drilling fluid technician w/degree, a land surveyor, truck mechanic/driver in the Marines, taxi cab driver in Vegas, Bar Owner of Red Onion in OKC, bartender/bouncer, construction for AMOS building bridges, real estate broker and mogul, bowling repair and sales;  and started my Respiratory Therapy career at Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas, then returned to OKC where I worked at Baptist, Presby, Deacones, Veterans then  OU Medical Hospital where I ended my professional career and retired, settling down to running my acquired rental properties. My career path has been fulfilling.

I held a couple of degrees: BA – in Business Administration from the Nazarene College in Bethany OK,  held a Respiratory Therapy Degree on the National Register and Real Estate NAR.  My wife says I also held a degree in B.S.


I bobbled around in life for a while; and just when I thought I was too old to fall in love again,  I met Barbara.  I became a husband for the second time.  She not only stole my heart but showed me how someone could love me unconditionally.  We had a whirlwind romance after meeting.  Our first evening spent on a date in 1999, was on her 22’ Catalina sailboat “Passing Wind”,  we spent the night watching the stars while we softly bobbled up and down with the waves and drinking wine.  Many a day and night were spent on that sailboat and a new hobby and a new love was founded.  It took us almost 9 years of dating to decide we needed to spend our lives together.  We have enjoyed a lot of fun times together, from Cruising in the blue carribean waters in the Bahamas to the Great Barrier Reef in Belize. Drank our share of wine and margaritas, sang with the radio like no one was listening.  Slow danced under the stars,  jet skied on many of the lakes in Oklahoma, rode the motorcycle on winding scenic trails, took get-away trips in the little Z3 BMW to no where in particular, rode high in the skies with friends in their hotair balloon over ABQ and OKC. to crewing with local balloonist and being on the judging team at BallonFest ., Volunteering at the infamous airshow, Aerospace America.  Playing slots at the local casinos and in Vegas and we even shared some time on the bowling lanes together; although she says I asked her not to join our league again, I don’t remember doing that.  Life is about having fun and enjoying it to the fullest.   But my bowling was serious fun and although my team mates enjoyed having her for the handicap, I unfortunately did not.  But, I do remember telling her she could always come and watch me play and practice with me. After all she had already invested some money in her ball and her shoes.

Barbara and I have shared ups and downs, marriage and remarriage.  I was there through one of her darkest times when she lost her daughter in 2007, she has been through the darkest time of my life battling and fighting this dreaded disease of Cancer.  It’s hard for us both, we laugh, we cry but we love each other and our love will endure what ever is thrown at us.  We have always had each others backs.  We always will.  She is my ying to her yang; we complete each other; we are better together than when we are apart.  Although we divorced we have never been apart.  You’ve all hard the slogan met and marry the one you can live with.  Our slogan was “marry the one you can’t live without”, I’m so glad that we finally decided to get married once again.  We make each other want to be a better person.  We share our secrets, our plans, our pains and our joys; and she calms my storms.  Our lives are happier with each other than without.  All my love, always.


Now for my Mom – how do I say goodbye, I just can’t.  You are my Rock, my solid rock.  What in the world did I ever do to deserve you.  I didn’t make life easy at times; I hope I didn’t do it intentionally.  You micromanaged my life as best as you could.  As much as I would let you.  And at times it drove me crazy; at times I drove you crazy.  We always got through it; you are the BEST and most loving mother.  We’ve travelled the earth together; we’ve shared, we’ve laughed, we’ve yelled and we have loved each other through it all.  I have always admired your strength, your quick wit (of course that’s where I get mine from).  Your funny disposition and smart remarks; you make all your friends around you smile; how could they not love you?  But, You never give yourself enough credit.  You are Smart, you are Funny, you’re Compassionate, you love your family and are always wanting to make things better for them and everyone around you.  I don’t have the time to tell you all the things I wish I could.  I hope you think that I’ve been a good son.  My love for you is overflowing.  Please don’t cry because that would ruin your makeup.  Mom you amaze me, how you take care of yourself, how you take care of business; you are always put together; you always have it all together and you always want it your way.  I’ve always looked up to you even when I’ve been stubborn and didn’t always follow the rules.  I’m glad Barbara will be around to help take care of you and you for her.  That gives me comfort knowing you two can get through this together and have each other to lean on.  So I will end by saying Thank You and I Love You forever more.





Friendships….ahhhh there are plenty, from childhood to adult, too many to individually name but there are a few that I must.  

Lee Posey –  you’ve always been there for me (through the thick and thin) you’re my soul brother; Love ya, bro. 

Shar Adams– life has dealt you a hard hand and I admire you for your strength and courage and how you have handled the adversities since your accident.  You have been a great friend and hold a special place in my heart. 

Terry and George – we’ve shared some good times, Terry, from work to your marriage and beyond; to my end I’m glad I can call you friends; such happy memories. You know what I’m talkin about.  And Barbara says she still wants her Xmas care package.

 Michele McGomery; my friend for many years, thanks for being you and being true to yourself. 

Mike and Peggy Haynes; my bowling family away from home.  We’ve spent many a day together.  Have had wonderful memories.

Shelly Anderson; my wonderful sweet neighbor, you warm my heart with love; you stepped right up and offered to help me out when I got sick.  You’ve been such a good compassionate and caring friend; love ya gal; have a beer for me; we have had great stories.  I’m sorry for scaring you in my car and for yelling at you; you didn’t deserve it; forgive me –

Now speaking of my wonderful bowling friends – where do I begin.  What a GREAT group of people and friendships made for a life time.  I’d like to name each of you individually but we’d be here all day. And I’d surely leave someone out –   So, you know who you are.  You know we were friends with one another and I wouldn’t have changed a minute of knowing you all.  Thank You for letting me be a part of your lives and sharing some great memories with you.  We’ve had some fun times; keep up those strikes!   My life has been enriched with all these friendships made.


Aunt Leeta, thanks for all you have done for me, all you continue to do to help Mom, and Barb.    I appreciate you so much and love you so much.  You’re a sweet and quiet soul.  May you find all the happiness that you deserve and have abundant crossword puzzles to solve.


Last but not least.  How could I go not mentioning my wonderful cousin Glenna, There’s not enough words to express what we have meant to each other.  You know as well as I know what we have shared, what we have endured, and what we have over come.  My hope for you is you can Let it Go!  My heart is filled with your love. I hope you are filled with love, peace and kindness for the rest of your life;  I guess now is the time to forgive the debt when we last bet!

To the rest of my family and friends, if you have been there for me, thank you, and thank you for spending this day with me.  I am so lucky to have had you in my life and have felt your love and support through calls and prayers.  Thank You, I am blessed.


And on the subject of being blessed.  The greatest Blessing of ALL, is to have Christ in my life.  He is my savior, my gatekeeper.  And, Thank You Connie for helping me to see the light.  I am at peace and I’m ready to go home when He calls.  I will be at the gates of heaven waiting for you all to enter.  I feel his warmth and love that surrounds me.  It’s been a long hard ride.

Fun things about me: well I eat, sleep, and think of Bowling; I loved to ride my motocycles with the wind in my face, watch MMA kick boxing, prefer watching the girls play softball over the guys, played my share of baseball, watch football, learned to sail, what a thrill jumping waves on our jet skis; sorry sweety that I ran into you, throwing out the anchor to the boat, driving fast cars, playing Texas Hold’em with friends, playing Spades and Hearts, card tricks, Dominos, Backgammon, Cruising, weekend getaways, walking on the beach with my toes in the wet sand and snorkeling in the clear blue waters, holding hands, swimming with the rays and turtles in Cancun Mexico, Lying on the deck on the cruise ship or just hanging out in the hot tub.

My Favorite TV Shows:  Jeopardy, and any trivia type games.  Game of Thrones, Judge Judy, Ridiculousness, and unbelievably I’ve gotten interested in my wife’s soap opera, Days of Our Lives, honey you are my Marlena and I’m your John (if you watch Days you will know what that means)

Favorite Movies: The Ten Commandments; and Game of Thrones,

Favorite Music: JAZZ, 50’s to Now, and Blues but have also enjoyed outlaw country music of Waylon, Willie, Hank and Johnny

He was on a first name basis with the Four Horsemen of liquor; Jack, Jim, Johnnie and Jose

Favorite all time song:  Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood

Favorite Recording Artist: Nat King Cole, Harry Nielson,

Favorite Actor: Mickey Rourk; the baddest man on the planet

Favorite Color: Purple




My regrets are few:  Being a rebellious and influential young adult and making unwise decisions which precluded me from going to school to be a doctor.  Oh, and not training my faithful dog Hercules to detect cancer, and that no video evidence exist of my prowess on the ballfield or in the bedroom.

This might be a good time to mend fences:  If I have wronged you, I am sorry. 

As I mentioned before I miss Debby my dobie; her unconditional love taught me lessons in love, empathy and compassion.  Hercules the incredible 4 lb yorkie who for unknown reasons adored me and followed me where ever I went, teaching me strength and endurance comes in small packages.  My cats, Schaenk and Cecil who were named after my grandfathers, Simba and Hank who were hand delivered to me by Warren the police officer after finding them in the middle of the street, and Little Girl who just needed a new home. They offered comfort, chased away the mice but not the possums, entertained with their frolic and playfulness and brought joy to the home and made me smile and snuggled on top to keep me warm.  I hope they go on to lead long 9 lives.

They’re treasures that are irreplaceable and will go with me wherever my journey takes me.

Titles….well I’ve held a few

I’ve been a devoted and spoiled son, a rebellious teen, a scholar graduate, a loving husband, a comforting therapist, a dedicated teacher, a true and loyal friend,  And, if you don’t believe it, just ask me.  Oh wait, I’m afraid it’s too late for questions.  Sorry

So….I was born, I blinked; and it was over

No buildings named after me; no monuments erected in my honor.  But, I DID have the chance to know and love each and every friend as well as all my family members. And, I have surrendered my life to the Lord;  How much more blessed can a person be?

I did not live an average life.  I traveled where I wanted to travel, laughed inappropriately at every chance, I learned what I wanted to learn, fix what I wanted to fix, and loved who I wanted to love, I sang karoke at the top of my lungs, and I walked in the rain.

If you want to, you can look for me in the evening sunset or with the earliest spring rain or amongst the flitting and fluttering butterflies.  You know I’ll be there in one form or another.

I’ll leave you with this…please don’t cry because I am gone; instead be happy that I was here.

So in the end remember….do your best, follow your arrow, make something amazing out of your life and never never quit smiling and having fun.

Today I am happy and I am dancing and sitting beside all those who have passed before me.  I kneel at the feet of the Lord. 

Probably naked and stoned;  Of course that will probably comfort some while antagonizing others, but you know me….it’s what I do.

Love you forever – Jerry





Cremation will take place at the family’s convenience, and my ashes will be kept around as long as they match the décor and then be placed at my resting site in Little Oklahoma.

On my headstone it will read:

            Listen my friends, as you pass by

            As you are now, so once was I

            As I am now, soon you shall be

            So prepare for death, And follow me


In lieu of flowers I would ask that you do an unexpected and unsolicited act of kindness for some poor unfortunate animal in my name.  If you can’t do that would you give a donation to a local charity that can help save an animals life.  Or, here is a solicited request.  Can you take one of my cats to have and to hold until they depart; and be kind to them.

I will be going to see the great cremater right before going to see the Great Creator.  So I will see you guys on the flip side

Please note my new change of address: 001 Pearly Gate Drive, Heavenly Skies, Heaven 00000

Write if you’d like


The family would like to express thanks to Integris Cancer Institute in the radiology department Dr. Praubu and her staff; Dr. Yasin and Lee in oncology, for aggressively fighting Jerry’s cancer.  The Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Center, Dr. Patel and Dr. Duffy and Jerry’s Team at Baptist for their consideration for his transplant surgery; and to Integris Hospice House for the compassion and care given the last two days of his life.  For you guys and gals we are forever grateful.


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