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Jhirmick Taka Mori June 27, 1982 - April 11, 2024

Date of Funeral

April 27, 2024

Funeral Service: 12:00 PM, Saturday, April 27, 2024, at Buchanan Funeral Service

To watch the recording of Jhirmick’s service, please click here.

Jhirmick Taka Siren Mori, born on June 27, 1982, in Saipan, CNMI, was a cherished individual who touched the lives of many. He was the beloved husband of Dinees Jim of Pohnpei FSM and a devoted father to Takavian Mori and Tavija H. Mori, as well as a proud grandfather to Nachsa Jhirmick H. Mori. Born to Taka M. Mori and Cindy S. Mori, Jhirmick was surrounded by love and family throughout his life. He leaves behind a legacy of warmth and affection, remembered fondly by his siblings Desiree, Aja Dawn, Alvin Yoshi, Takamasa Jr., Wilson Joshua K., and Emerald Eluna D. Mori, as well as a host of nieces and nephews, including Takamasa Chiro, Lance Chiro, Tesanee Chiro, Isaiah Pierson, Mila Pierson, Alvin Y. III (Tre) Mori, Anastasia Tasi Mori, Kenji Notou Mori, Tyrone Mori, Shanessa Mori, Mavaicka Mori, and Takamasa Mori. In honoring his memory, we celebrate the profound impact he made on our lives and the love he shared with all who knew him.

On behalf of the late Taka M. Mori father of Jhirmick Taka Mori and Cindy S. Mori mother of our beloved Jhirmick Taka Mori—the spouse Dinees Jim and children of Jhirmick T. Mori and on behalf of the Mori family originally from Koji Japan and the Western Islands of Chuuk, the Siren-Alifios family from Kuttu, Faichuuk, Weno and Tonoas, the Erra,Serious and Andon families from Fefen and the maternal family from Uman including Siis, Parem and Etten, along with the FSM, Saipan, Pohnpei, all of Micronesia and the United States, On all of our behalves I will now share our love and final words of respect for our beloved Jhirmick Taka Mori.

Jhirmick was born to his father the late Takamasa M. Mori and his mother Cindy S. Mori on June 27, 1982 in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands or Saipan. Jhirmick was born the eldest son of eldest parents, and was celebrated as the “Makkan” and Samol or chief of both families. He was a source of pride and joy to all his families and by virtue of his birth, a customary and traditional family leader, the center of love and hope.

Early on, even in his young life, Jhirmick began to understand his place as the center of family attention which entailed expected lifelong responsibilities. The wider his circles of families, the broader his duty to reciprocate the same love and affection bestowed upon him from all his families.

As a young man, he stepped naturally into his role as the icon of both family groups by availing himself to meet and learn as best he could. .Jhirmick was at home in the Faichuuks or Namoneas and ventured out to meet his families from the Mortlocks and the Western islands. The family members felt his genuine love and natural curiosity—and his desperate need to pull this multi-faceted lineage into the soul of his being.

Jhirmick ventured easily into becoming a protoge and companion for politicians and government officials enjoying the many campaigns and community outreach activities.

Jhirmick was gifted with a keen sense of culture and stature, and a extremely unique mischievous sense of humor.

Jhirmick passed from this life in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA on April 11, 2024.

He lived his final days with his family in Oklahoma City. Prior to that he lived and studied in Beijing, China, Southwestern University Keene, Texas, Xavier Jesuit High School, Asheville, North Carolina, and he continued to live in Chuuk, FSM in between his travels and his educational pursuits.

We have entrused our beloved son, father, grandfather, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle and dearest friend into the care and loving grace of our heavenly father our Savior who Jhirmick wholeheartedly welcomed into his life and spirit during his final days here with us.

Jhirmick was well loved by his family, friends and many acquaintances and will continue to live in our hearts eternally.

“Ai tong ngeni kemi, ese tongeni epwe siit, ese tongeni epwe muuch.

Til the next time—signing off for now,

“When you finally make that significant and destined change, life will force everything else to change with it. “ Therefore my name is –

Jhirmick aka: Jherico, Mimik, Mikio, Chuukese Mafia, and Jhadow

The funeral service for Jhirmick will be held at 12:00 PM on Saturday, April 27, 2024, at Buchanan Funeral Service, 8712 N Council Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73132.

The funeral service for Jhirmick will be held at 12:00 PM on Saturday, April 27, 2024, at Buchanan Funeral Service, 8712 N Council Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73132.


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    Palau Shipping Company says

    Our deepest sympathies at this difficult time.

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    Matson Navigation Company says

    We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Jhirmick. We are wishing you peace during this difficult time.

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    Prudy says

    Cindy, Alvin, Taka and family, so sorry for your loss at this very difficult time. Condolences.

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