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Todd Oliver September 13, 1961 - December 10, 2009

Todd Anthony (Patrick) Oliver was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 13, 1961 to Betty Oliver and Lindsay Gerald Oliver. He had three older siblings named Steven, Dianne, and Jeri Oliver. He was the youngest out of the family.
He grew up by Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. Throughout his entire life, he loved the outdoors. Camping was one of his favorite summer past times. He liked to cruise on boats and go skiing on the lake. Going camping was his way of getting away and relaxing.
As a young teenager, Todd had a bit of a pyro tendency. He liked to set random things on fire and thought it was pretty funny when he was young. Even though, it got him into trouble with his parents. At one point, Todd was playing with a pop bottle rocket and set the field behind his house on fire. He received a pretty good talking to from the firemen that day.
May of 1979, Todd graduated from Putnam City Original High School. Not too long after graduating high school, he married a woman named Stacy. During that time, he went off to college at Oklahoma State University. A few years later, Stacy and Todd ended their marriage.
June 6, 1986, Todd got remarried to a woman named Debra Lou Reynolds. He was only 24 years old by that time. They were living together in a mobile home in Newcastle, Oklahoma.
January 8, 1987, Debra gave birth to their first baby and named her Savannah Nicole Oliver. A couple of months after having Savannah, Todd and Debra took a boat cruise to the Bahamas for their honeymoon.
Todd worked for a company called Zeno systems as a supervisor. He had to go out town frequently for work, but he always returned with some kind of present to make up for leaving. A few years after Savannah was born, they moved into a house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
August 6, 1991, Debra gave birth to their second baby. Her name was Tasha Fae Oliver. Todd was a very family oriented man. No matter how busy he was, he would always find time for his friends and family who meant the world to him.
Work took up lot of Todd's time. However; when he would have to attend a work related party, he would bring his two daughters and his wife up to the party and show them off. He was a very proud family man. He loved to brag about what his daughters had recently accomplished and their talents.
Before marrying Debra, Todd started to become ill. He didn't know he was seriously sick until about the time when Tasha was born. When she was only a baby, Todd became disabled from falling in his garage. He was trying to fix his garage door and had slipped off the ladder.
He was a "Mr. Fix-It" kind of man. Every time something would break or needed to be fixed in the house, Todd would get out his tools and try his hardest to fix it. Even if something was completely unfixable, he would always try to change that. Nothing was impossible to him. There was always a way to fix something broken, or if anything, reuse it as something better.
Todd started to progressively get sicker as years went by. Soon, doctors started telling him that he shouldn't live past age 35. Sure enough, he slowly but surely showed those doctors up and lived way past their estimate.
June 30, 2007, he walked his oldest daughter down the aisle for her wedding. Even though, he had an extremely hard time walking, he still fought his way down the aisle. Everyone complemented him on how strong of a man he was for pushing himself to do that.
Before he knew it, he was turning 46 years old. Unfortunately, Debra and Todd lost their house that year to foreclosure. So Todd, Debbie, and Tasha ended up moving into a house in Moore, Oklahoma for about a year. Many issues started to arise and they ended up moving a few more times until October of 2008, when they moved to an apartment in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and stayed there up until his death.
Todd got sicker and was put into a hospital for almost a month in September of 2009. After that, he was in and out of hospitals and nursing homes until he was put on hospice. Heartland Hospice did an amazing job at taking care of him. They even brought him a hospital bed to sleep in at the apartment.
Towards the last few months of his life, his youngest daughter, Tasha, found out that she was 2 months pregnant. He was so excited about his first grandchild that he just couldn't wait to see the ultrasound pictures. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see the baby before his death.
Todd Anthony (Patrick) Oliver was an amazing, stubborn, and proud man. He always tried to give anything and everything to anyone that could use it. He had hardly any enemies and loved almost everybody.

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