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Leland Frances Ground September 3, 1949 - April 30, 2020

In loving memory of Leland Ground.


Leland’s hometown was Browning montanna

He grew up with his mother and father John and Evelyn Ground. He was the second oldest of four brothers. Rodger, John, Rick and Larry and two sisters   Venetta and Christy.

Leland was an artist when it came to how he viewed life, he always was of the mindset that you have to look for the good in your life.

He displayed this through his love for not only being a visionary when it came to projects that he would undertake, he loved to build anything that he could, he loved to showcase his creative side through his paintings, writings and his endless words of  wisdom.

Leland was a dreamer, he longed to see the success for his family, friends and his people. He graduated from high school in 1967 and then went to Haskell in Lawrence Kansas. There he received a degree in accounting and earned a certificate  in meat cutting.  From there he went on to enlist in the air force in the early 70’s. He was in the air force for 3 years where he studied avionics and repaired aircrafts.  He believes serving taught him a lot of lessons that he adopted as a part of his character, he learned self discipline and consistent hard work will allow you to reap the benefits of whatever you put your mind to.

He was Sergeant from 1969-1972

While he was in active duty he got married to Shirley on December  23, 1970.

When he was honorably discharged from the airforce they moved and lived in LA for 2 and a half  years where he did meat cutting. And they then moved back to Browning and from there they welcomed their daughter Carlin into the world in May 1971 and Tisha joined them in 1981. He went on to not only accomplish many jobs, such as.


Full charge Accountant-Blackfeet Nation

Legal Research Analyst-Blackfeet Nation

Oil and Gas Coordinator-Blackfeet

Natural Resources Director-Blackfeet Nation

Tribal councilman-Blackfeet Nation

Tax Administrator-Blackfeet Nation


He soon became an entrepreneur and owned his own businesses

One of them involved laying insulation in peoples homes, he had a construction business that he undertook with his brothers. And there was EagleCalf medical.

Where he took care of oxygen patients and set up their medical equipment.

He is the type of person who will ask about “how is the Lord treating you?” first before talking about someone’s daily life or the issues at hand. He had a way of making you take a step back from your problems and look at your situation from a different perspective.

The essence of who the lord was in leland’s life, brought him together with his wife Kimberly and her daughter Jessica. He married Kimberly on December 16, 2000. They believed that helping people along their travels was their ministry and for the next 19 years they shared their love for the Lord with everyone.

. He loved cooking, fishing, playing stick games , traveling to powwows, traveling to the beach, visiting family and friends all along the way to his various destinations. While leaving them with much laughter and beautiful memories to reflect on.

He is survived by his wife Kimberly Ground, his daughters Carlin, Tisha and Jessica. His sisters Venetta and Christy, his brothers Rodger, John, Rick and Larry. His grandchildren Kenny, Jordan, Aubrey, Lenna, Tahj, Taya and Kyra

God children: Melissa St. Goddard, Tisha Littleplume and Kyle Calflooking

Great grandchildren: Anastasia, Keira, Aurora, Amelia,Amaziah, Jericho, Jazmine and Malachi


Sunrise: September 9, 1949  sunset: April 30, 2020

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